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Getting ready for php7

Getting ready for php7

Sometimes you really have to talk about code!

We have recently become obsessed with code. We have always been heavily involved, but never as much as recently. The programming language php will soon be updating to version 7. Whilst updates are common this time its big. Websites created in older versions of php will stop working.

So we have been busy. Working through our portfolio updating client sites in advance of the change. its basically meant a new back end to the sites.  But we have done it - pretty much all the sites are ready for the changeover.

This does only really effect custom built sites. Standard products like WordPress automatically update. Although it will definitely be wise to check plug-ins.

If you have a custom built website that’s more than a year or two old its definitely worth cchecking with your designer that its compatible with php7. Be ready else your site will just stop working... probably mid 2017.

The simple fact is that web technology keeps evolving, nothing stays the same forever. So we have to keep on our toes and overcome every obstacle that we face with energy and enthusiasm. Even if it looks insurmountable when you first see it.

Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2016 11:16:59 +0100

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