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Feeding the soul

Feeding the soul

To keep myself focused and fresh i love to do more than just work at a computer.

Working at a computer all the time can make you feel unhealthy. As all small business owners will tell you, spinning so many plates at one time can be exhausting and its hard to create time to do anything else. I regard it as essential for long term success to dedicate time to keep my other interests going. 

Since my 30s I've been an active amateur middle distance runner. This keeps my mind as sharp as possible and stops my inactive day job allowing me to put on weight.

Now I'm restarting my love of art. I used to be a prolific artist in my 20s but stopped when life got too hectic. But I've always promised myself id pick it up again. So I've started a project to try and re-fire the engines. I love water so I've been going out with my small camera and trying to take some creative shots. I'm having fun. 

I don’t expect to change the world. But it keeps the creative side fulfilled. And it benefits my work clients too. I find it helps me come back to the computer with a fresh pair of eyes.

Business website design is fairly limited as far as far as the ability to apply too much creative flair goes. Websites have to prioritise usability, branding and issues like colour compatibility across screens. So the designer has to realise that his needs are not the No.1 priority. 

If your business is thinking of asking a graphic designer to produce a website for you just be sure to make sure they have a clear focus on your own commercial objectives. You don’t want them to produce something that is both beautiful and useless.

You can see the beginning of my new art project here 

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