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Longing for calm waters

Longing for calm waters

​Have you ever been on to websites and not had a clue how to find what you need on the page?

Perhaps you have been bombarded with so many messages that you cannot focus. You may have clicked what you thought was the right button and ended up lost. Or perhaps someone has introduced some funky animation or page layout that doesnt display correctly on your screen. 

I’m often told "how can you be a website designer, you’re rubbish at finding your way around sites". But that's one of the reasons why I am. I hate over complicated designs or designs that try to be clever at the expense of the user experience. That's why I got into this business - I wanted to create sites with a true customer focus which had a balance of commercial, design and technical information. A total focus on only one of these elements is a mistake.  

Good website design takes this into consideration. The skill is to guide a user from the beginning of the sales process to the end without introducing terror. A smooth sales experience reflects very well on a client’s perception of your brand. So there are many benefits to getting it right.

I’m a big fan of clean and simple. 

Often clients hate white space and want to fill it. But sometimes a bit of whitespace creates a feeling of sophistication, calmness and maturity.

Imagine being in a kayak in an unfamiliar river and you come to a junction with five possible routes. In the distance you hear the thunder of wild water. You’re going to have a short period of time to make an important decision. 

The metaphor is obvious. Customers make decisions quickly so make their job easier  by reducing clutter and noise from your site. It's not worth the risk of losing a sale. 

There is a time and a place to be smart and cutting edge. There is also a time and a place to be predictable and calm. 

I promise to show you the way to go.

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