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'Second to none’ the less than awesome way to write

'Second to none’ the less than awesome way to write

When I was an marketing manager at RS Components I had to write copy for the RS Catalogue for all the products that I managed.

This was a process which was heavily policed,  accuracy was very important.  I remember being told that I couldn’t say something was 'quality'. My boss would catch me each time - "what kind of quality - high quality or low quality". You can't argue with that can you. And that was the beginning of my need to be precise with business copy. 

These days the use of phrases like "second to none" feels lazy. Especially when, in the world of web copy and keywords, every word is precious. if I find myself wanting to write 'quality', 'second to none' or other such phrases I punch the back button until I can have a new clear run at the point I’m trying to make and then  try to use something more precise.  

Is this lazy? I’m no academic or linguist. I am told that the attitude to this kind of writing is more relaxed than I expected. It’s not a grammatic disaster. 

So perhaps the point is this. If you’re trying to sell something success or failure depends on your being absolutely precise. Stating exactly what feature is good and by how much is the purpose of your writing. And your customer will judge you by it. Talk lazy - be perceived as lazy.

As for 'awesome' OK... I’m just a miserable old git on that one. An AWESOME miserable old git.

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2014 07:07:20 +0100

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