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You looking at me? Cleaner website design

You looking at me? Cleaner website design

​When big brands spend tens of thousands of pounds redeveloping logos and end up with something really simple many people find it hard to understand why.

"All you have done is write out the name in a nice font". Of course what has happened is a lot of thought has gone into understanding what impact the company wants to have on their customer and then they have worked their way through a lot of complex decisions to the end result which looks simple. 

Website designers have similar issues. Many clients start off by wanting to fill every bit of white space with information, and introducing the wildest widgets to the site to create interest and movement.  What we then  do is redirect that energy to  try to create a  website that deliberately and quickly directs the customer through the content to the contact button (or equivalent). Convincing them along the way with deliberate messages that you can do what they want. And of course removing content that gets in the way.

That usually means cleaner sites, less clutter and deliberate attention to the positioning of content on the page. Hold your breath - white space.

I recently attended a seminar where a company spent a lot of time talking about the positioning of information to increase sales by small percentages. It was obvious that this wasn’t an exact science, however each small tweak made a  percentage or two differences and the end result were tens of percent increase in possible sales. 

Creating websites is a balance of technical, design, commercial message and content for search engines. Understanding this will help you increase your sales potential.

We make a living out of clear powerful sites. Hopefully you're looking at us!

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