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SEO Companies and Cyber chickens

SEO Companies and Cyber chickens

When I'm old and living on my farm surrounded by Cyber Chickens I will be able to look back on my life with a clean conscience knowing I've done a good job and treated clients correctly. I'm not convinced everyone will.

One of my clients recently felt the need to talk to 5 top SEO companies about taking his already successful sites to the next level. Sometimes you need a second opinion I guess. Four of the five came back and told him that the site needed completely rebuilding, and all five induced a sense of fear and panic in him that sent him into a spin. In fact their conclusions were fairly basic. We were doing the job right.

In his case most the issues the reports identified were caused not by the site but by text that had been added to the site. There were also a small number of tweaks identified that could be done in minutes. But the way that these companies presented this news was designed to make any non-technical reader panic into expensive mistakes. Luckily not this time!

The truth is that I’ve never seen an SEO company make a massive difference to a business. And if I did id see what they were doing and do it myself. There are no magic tools that help you jump above your competition. 

These days successful sites need to be engaging and exciting, often supported by other on and offline marketing activities. Its common sense really. In a competitive environment you have to think strategically, get a plan that targets your customers through all the channels they use. Websites have never been the only tool in a marketer’s toolbox. A strategy is the only way to remove the sense of panic and allows you to move forward with confidence.

So next time you’re approached by an SEO company, Think of my Cyber chickens and tell them to "bucbuc buc"

Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2014 06:53:31 +0100

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