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Helping businesses manage their website creation project effectively

Helping businesses manage their website creation project effectively

Managers of businesses often underestimate the amount of time and effort that will go into producing a website.

What appears to be a fun tangent into something creative can take a shocking amount of time out of your business. And sometimes it’s the boss that has to come to the rescue – not the best use of your time!

Let’s review a few common pitfalls

Effective Project Definition

Defining the project correctly at the start is vital. The majority of specifications we see are simply a list of pages and gadgets that the client has seen elsewhere or feels may be fun.  Getting it wrong now can mean expensive rework later. You would always try to avoid this with a builder wouldn’t you?

Plans must be linked to the businesses strategy and have a real customer focus. But sometimes when you do this the project can become serious and the energy and excitement is ignored. The site becomes a dry business task. 

There is no room on a site for personal preference. You have to define create a site that works hard to find customers and sells your business with all the energy that you can muster.

Designing for customers

Customer customer customer not me me me. So many designs are based on personal preference, competitors websites or basic templates. Think – is your sites design your own preference or is it carefully crafted to get a response out of your customer? Design is very subjective and difficult to get right. Be sure it’s your customer who likes it – not just you!

Content creation hell

As far as time lost for your business goes this is the biggy. 

Writing website content properly is a craft. It’s completely different to writing for print. It’s a job that is fun for your staff on day 1 but torture by day 4. And that’s just the beginning. 

I’ve seen businesses take months to populate website product catalogues. The expected completion date is often missed because the supplier who promised content has nothing. Be warned - It’s amazing how many manufacturers don’t have photos of their products.

New tasks for your team

How many websites have you seen that have out of date blog activity, or product catalogues unpopulated and out of date, or promotional messages that still talk about last Christmas. This can only be because the business had unrealistic expectations about the websites performance or they haven’t allocated the resource to make it work.

A website should be part of you businesses marketing strategy. Integrated into the fabric of what you do. These days you  have to allocate job roles to keep the content up to date for it to work. Without the resource you will fail.

We work with businesses throughout the entire process and beyond. Helping businesses take on the task of creating a website and helping them make the process as painless and cost effective as possible.

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