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Writing content for websites - the hole just got bigger

Writing content for websites - the hole just got bigger

The part of creating a website which usually causes the greatest delay is writing the words and finding the images. What you need is someone to make the job a little easier

Most busy managers cannot find the time to do the job properly and so as a result it often gets delayed by weeks until a spare Sunday evening becomes available. Not the best environment to be creating something so important.

The whole point of contracting work out to a specialist is to get the job done quickly and without hassle. But many website designers leave that bit to the client. Many website designers dont have the commercial background I do. Its one of the bits that makes the job so varied and fascinating.

When I started this business in 2001 one my major USPs was to take the hassle out of creating websites for busy managers. A large part of that was my ability to create content. 13 years in Marketing Management has given me a great commercial grounding and clear customer focus. So when I work with a client I get a real thrill out of distilling their commercial message and coming up with content that works.  And we do that without hassling the client.

The way we work is to take the information we have gleaned from initial discussions and drafting content that we use to populate the site. Of course if there is specialist industry knowledge we do need guidance. But generally we are able to populate the site to a state when all our client needs to do is fine tune – a much easier task.

So what makes great website text?

Great text is a balance of a strong commercial message, with a customer focus,  written in a way that works on Google. All written in your ‘voice’ (in a way that is right for your business). The right level of seriousness, humour, technical language etc.

Website design is a marketing discipline not an excercise in programming. You are selling your business online. You wouldn’t give the design of your  company brochure to your IT department to create would you?

The goal should feel just a bit bigger... not miles away!

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