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Professional Stereotypes

Professional Stereotypes

I was listening to Sandra Howard (wife of Michael Howard) talking on radio 4 this week. She used to be a model in the 60s working alongside famous names like Marilyn Monroe.

She said something that interested me. "The problem with being a model is everybody thinks models are stupid".

It’s interesting because everyone thinks website designers are computer geeks. 

I’m always getting asked to mend computers no matter how many times I say that I’m a Marketing Professional producing commercial websites. I am, like Sandra Howard, at the mercy of a professions stereotype.

Every profession has a stereotype. Try thinking of Estate Agents, Solicitors or teachers without a generalised image, possibly negative, popping into your head. Now imagine how difficult your life would be if you were say an Estate Agent and you wanted to convince everyone you were different. Very hard. You could spend a lot of money advertisting for no benefit.

We have to acknowledge of course that this is just how we humans are programmed to work. Our brains are running at capacity so we are constantly putting things in standard shaped boxes so that we can recall them quickly. Because I call myself a website deisgner, the box im in says I can mend computers. We cannot get annoyed by professional stereotypes. We just have to live with them and in my case find a good computer geek i can refer my customers in to.

I get most of my business through recommendation. Personal experience is the best way to bypass the stereotype. It’s difficult to present my offer to clients from a distance. I remind people that I produce commercially powerful websites, that it’s all custom built around their objectives, that we do the whole project and all at a fixed cost. 

I supose i could call myself something else but it would just confuse people. I tell you what, if someone asks me to mend their computers, Ill tell them I know a good modelling agency.

Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 08:08:13 +0100

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