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How to solve technical problems and keep customers happy

How to solve technical problems and keep customers happy

Today i solved a blinder of a technical problem. it was hold your breath stuff.

Yesterday my customer discovered a problem with his card payment system which had been working without a hitch for 12 months. Suddenly payments that had been accepted by the bank were not being confirmed on the website so they were not aware that a client had placed an order. That certainly made us sit up an pay attention.

Obviously something as critical as card payments needs sorting quickly. So we started to look at the coding and everything looked fine. then we started to talk to the card payment people (not easy!) and everything looked fine there. Why would the site suddenly stop working. It had to be something to do with either code, or webspace.

It was obviously going to take a while to sort so we switched the live site to a manual payment confirmation system and put the main system into a safe test area. Then we started working through scenarios to simulate the failure. Eventually through trial and error i simulated the problem and checked online for examples of the same thing. It turned out that an small update to the webspace had made it impossible for the site to recognise the returning payment acknowledgement. So i got on to the host who hadnt heard anything about it this specific problem. We discussed a solution which they applied and bingo - problem solved. So the whole thing took less than a day - with a temporary solution in place to avoid upsetting customers.

The important point to make is that my clients reputation was protected and the speed that we responded was good.

He did send me a rather tongue in cheek email titled "your a genius". I did allow myself a lap of the office when it was sorted. :)

Problem solving is a logical process where you start with the basics and then eliminate possible issues. It takes a lot of concentration and a steady hand. Often the problem seems so obvious when you find it. 

But when you get it right it feels great!

Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 15:05:32 +0100

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