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The internet changes at a ferocious pace... or does it?

The internet changes at a ferocious pace... or does it?

Because I’ve been working with websites and search engines since 2001 I’ve got a pretty good understanding of how Google works. I don't pretend to be squash buddies with Larry Page, but i know what to do to get results.

It’s not a black art, it’s actually common sense. It requires a clear focus on objectives, and the building of every element of a website with these objectives in mind. Commercial Goals, keywords, design, build, content creation, publication and post launch activities. Every element must be done properly.

Apart from a few glitches since 'the beginning' Google’s approach has been pretty consistent. Put good content into a quality website, you should be rewarded. If you try to cheat or get results FAST then you’re in trouble. So Google isn’t a fast rushing hare - it’s a gradually evolving beast (tortoise - come with me on this!) that I’ve always found to be reasonable.

Nobody should be under any illusions about developing web businesses. If you go to any website designer and ask them to change your life tomorrow you’re going to be disappointed - and sometimes ripped off. All real businesses take time to develop and need a strategy and  tactics, for both web and non web activities. Very few businesses will succeed if the user creates a site and sits back waiting for the cash to arrive.

The Website Business has NEVER promised unrealistic results. We ALWAYS provide realistic forecasts for what can be achieved. Sometimes we even tell people not to bother. Don’t get me wrong - we get great results, probably more than most,  but nobody is bigger than Google. 

The key of course, is boxing clever. Having thought through your objectives and developed a website that attacks opportunities. Not just churning our generic websites with a product, about us and contact us page. You have to focus on the customer, the benefits and the sales process.

If you are a business person and you want a website designer who can help you get the very best out of the web, and who will work with you with a keen eye on achieving your objectives, then give us a call.

When you have a plan the panic subsides – the tortoise always wins!

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 15:40:49 +0100

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