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Draw a little bit of character into your marketing

Draw a little bit of character into your marketing

I recently added a little cartoon character into my marketing work. Why? Differentiation.

When I look at my competition I see a variety of sites. Some dry and technical and some with very similar feels or commercial messages to each other. The Website Business offer is definitely different to its competitors so the site should therefore feel different. I wanted a look and feel that spoke about trust, personal service, competence, energy and perhaps the fact that if you use The Website Business you too can be different to the crowd.

Of course cartoons won’t work for everyone. But the idea of differentiation does. In my case I’ve used a cartoon of me. People in my local business area may recognise me and it becomes a topic of conversation. And a little bit of self mockery is always entertaining.

In this blog I show a picture of two cartoons. The other cartoon is that of the character used for Promotional gifts are meant to be great fun. Sometimes catalogue websites can be a bit dry.  This character was used to inject energy and fun into the site. We based it around the sites new branding so everything worked together.

And it’s a bit of fun. This drawing reminds me of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh, Morecambe and Wise... or perhaps Aliens vs. Predator!?!?!

Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 10:01:07 +0100

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