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Posting your blog onto Facebook

Posting your blog onto Facebook

Those involved with promoting their businesses across the various social media platforms will always look for time saving solutions to give their busy fingers a break.

One of the nice techniques I use is to link  blogs directly into Facebook. 

Take my own blog for example, what I do is publish may articles on an RSS feed. this is standard stuff. What RSS feeds to is present the article content to the web in a way that allows other websites to identify the individual elements (e.g. text, titles, photos etc) and therefore republish them.

Then what I do is take that content and use a third party tool called RSS Graffitti. This tool watches my RSS feed and every time it updates with new content it takes that content and publishes it onto my Facebook page. That way i don't need to keep logging on to facebook to publish content.

Of course there are other tools to use. For example many people use HootSuite to schedule and publish content to Twitter and Linkedin. Saving more time. 

Sharethis buttons on your website will help you by getting your users to promote your site for you. If they click the links it allows them to publish your article on their own social media platforms. Clever - and easy.

All useful stuff for people with busy fingers.

Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 10:41:52 +0100

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